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When our purpose is clear we feel directed.


Can one imagine a tricycle running with its front wheel flat?


How can we then imagine learners to drive their educational vehicle with its guiding wheel punctured!

Often our middle and high school years pass by thinking of only one constant goal, accomplishing one more grade to go the next. Seldom have we asked the ‘Why’ premised around the concepts we study in the subjects presented as compulsory to us.


Why algebra, why energy, why matter, why atoms, why partition, why the plains, mountains and the oceans …. and why compulsory? And without the ‘Why’ these are scattered chunks of information that visit our brain as a transit passenger and leave as soon as another flight is ready to board them for another destination.


A meaningful connection with information is made when it becomes purposeful to me, my world, and the way I see myself in it.      


ek nuqta aims to engender debate around the driving wheel of the educational vehicle, and believes that dialogue must be carried out with all stakeholders including principals, teachers, parents, students and educational leaders.  


‘ek nuqta’ designs and implements customized seminar, workshop and training on the following thematic areas and more under the Driving wheel:

  • Mapping concepts


  • Why should I ask Why


  • Discovering learning outcomes


  • Swimming in the cognitive ocean


  • Exploring subject driven, phenomenon driven and project driven learning

Driving Wheel

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