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How difficult it is to imagine Bulleh Shah’s compelling poetry without Abida Parveen’s mystical              voice?


Goals are inspiring when they are purposeful. They inflame wonder, curiosity, desire to learn and so many questions. But if the right amount of fuel fails to reach the flame, it glows momentarily and disappears.


The front wheel too is remarkable when strong, yet in the absence of a holistic environment of learning, the goals are left hanging in the air and students study to know, instead of learners learning to grow.


The left back wheel, therefore, shapes the very essence of what we define as education and learning. This wheel is the school, the classroom, the home, the public sphere. In other words, any and every place where learning is experienced, and the envisioned goals enshrined in the curriculum and policy papers bear fruit.    


The question is, are students, parents, teachers and principals consciously aware of the relationship between goals and learning environment? Or is it the textbooks, examinations, and fear which guide learning?    


‘ek nuqta’ designs and implements customized seminar, workshop and training on the following thematic areas and more under the Learning wheel:

  • The magic of How


  • Art of questioning


  • Exploring diversity


  • Learning through projects


  • ASK framework of learning


  • “Am I good enough”, I ask

  • Where is the home of ‘FEAR’


  • Lens or lenses to see thy world


  • Communicating to be understood


  • Racing between concepts and rote


  • Experiencing history through etymology


  • Are 21st century skills really 21st century?


  • Reconnecting with our interdisciplinary world

  • Expressing thy self through personal statements


Learning Wheel

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