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Ek nukte vich gal mukdi ae 

Phadd nukta, chodd hisaabaan nu 

kar door kufar diyaan baabaan nu

Laah dozakh gor azaabaan nu, kar

saaf dile diyaan khavaabaan nu

Gal aise ghar vich dhukkdi eh 

Ek nukte vich gal mukdi ae

At this one point, all talk ends

Hold tight to this point, forget your calculations

Leave the state of unbelief

Do not torment yourself with the fear of death

and hell,for these are imaginary fears

Only into such a house will the truth enter

At this one point, all talk ends

Akin to the saying the platform ‘ek nuqta’ encourages individuals and collectives to experience the journey of education inwards and share its fruits outwards.


ek nuqta is an educational consultancy, teaching and training platform that aims to initiate projects which help create inclusive and holistic learning environments.


The driving energy behind ek nuqta is an educational tri-cycle. Symbolic to three inter-dependent wheels are

three educational aspects that run parallel to one another. The front is the guiding wheel that incorporates goals and vision. While the two supporting wheels at the back symbolize the learning environment created to achieve the desired goals, and assessment and evaluation methods designed to record and measure the outcomes. If any, one wheel becomes dysfunctional the vehicle comes to a halt. ek nuqta promotes development of each wheel fuelling strength in the educational vehicle as a whole.   

Educator/ Consultant / Trainer

Ajay Pinjani loves the never-ending journey of discovery. He is curious and an engaged seeker. An educationist at heart, Ajay believes in the power of dialogue and encourages perspectives to be shared, challenged and spread. Having conducted trainings with students and teachers across Pakistan, he continues to develop and strengthen connections that last. 


Ajay’s association with The Citizens Archive of Pakistan and the Aga Khan University Examination Board, including other non-governmental organizations, has made him connect with both private and government schools and colleges across the country. Ajay believes in creating holistic environments in and outside classrooms and specializes in facilitating interdisciplinary project based learning for middle schoolers and beyond.  

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