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Promoting a Culture of Sharing through Teacher Professional Development 

These meeting broadened teacher’s perspective regarding other contexts and provided a safe space to share misconceptions..


Why compete thyself learning shall continue for Life, and more importantly with neither distaste for 'other' or for 'thyself'

Letter to my niece!!  Darling!! Welcome into this complex yet humane world :)

Speak the language of Science  "Is there something smaller than a proton?" a curious student asks. And the reply is 'you find out'.

Good morning from Karachi  But somewhere the Sufi thought correctly entails that 'happiness is within' and we need to stick on to the magical word 'hope'


Ethics in an unethical environment  The scenes of open cheating and authority immersed with pride and impoliteness were prevalent and it was an experience filled with shame and disgust.

Fear Within I was standing right there but acted just like any other bystander and did not have the courage to step ahead

A New World  whenever they meet a new person they create a sign for him/her keeping the first alphabet constant and making a sign that is most appropriate to the person’s personality trait.


Gilgit Baltistan Diaries  I always cherish how travel brings up in in depth conversations around every topic alive…

Letters from Khushab  This place is so quiet, soft and peaceful; I can hear even the slightest of the voice from my surrounding...

Waving Hands the wave became magical when it was complimented with a smile of innocence…

Ready to Shine  It is her ability to perceive the complexities of life and form web of connections, that make her grow into learned individual

V for Vote not Van another said U for urea, explaining the benefits of organic farming and harmful effects of using pesticide

Khula Aasman Band Kamray Mein  

Only behind these closed doors can I breathe fresh air

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